Monday, September 14, 2015

A Wee Bit of History

I begin my photography journey around 2000, when I started working as a safety crew member for Indy Car Series. My responsibility was to photograph any mishap with an Indy Car during practice, qualifying and during the race. All crashed cars were impounded by our group. We would then photograph and report all damage back to Indy Car. This data they would use making the cars safer. It was all fun. I would tell people my job was to "Look important, but stay out of the way!"

So guess what happens when no one is crashing on the race track. We watch and play with the cameras taking pictures of the action. Back then, these were Canon cameras, since they were a sponsor. About the same time my two sons were young and I wanted to take more photographs of them in their activities. So my photography interested started to quickly expand with these activities.

Since then I have continued to learn and grow my skills in the craft. I started getting really serious when I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography online course for professional photography. A very good program that taught me the fundamentals. And still try to enroll in other classes when time and funds allow.

Like most photographers in this digital age, I have owned or borrowed a variety of gear to use. For me it's never been about the brand. Only about which camera can function best between my hands, brain and eyes. Camera selection is for another post. Safe travels and take care.