Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beginning of the Blog

The first entry in what I hope will be a blog helpful to all as I explore my journey through photography. This blog has been in thought for a long time, with ideas floating through my head as which direction to go.
There are many photography blogs covering a vast subject matter. Some incredible blogs well established for what they offer. So the question is how can this blog be different? What would make you want to keep coming back?
For starters this will not be a gearhead review of every new camera/lens out there. I am not that interested in all the new stuff the moment it ships. I will review and discuss equipment I have owned/used in the past along with my current gear in how I make my art. It, end the end, is About The Picture.
So onward I go on this journey. I am sure the look and feel of this blog will evolve over time. My hope is to give back to those who read this, what I in turn have learned through photography. Safe travels and take care.